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Circa 1 Jan 2019 I'm trying to get my ex-wife back. Because she never was honest of why she abruptly left - she cheated on me. I wouldn't know this answer until June of 2021. 1 Jan 2019 I was trying to get her back because I wanted to honor the higher power in the Universe. I swore at the Alter - until Death do us Part. That's all; a modest kind intention. She was hiding her insidious, EVIL, secret. I would never have began such a pursuit in a blasphemous way. I was trying to contact her, she was ignoring me and it just didn't feel right. I knew that I deserved some kind of closure or some kind of explanation. She just up and left and didn't want to talk, didn't want to discuss it. Like she was keeping all of the necessary divorce discussion in so that she wouldn't have an opportunity where she slipped the truth, that she was unfaithful. She was abusing me. 

Shelby lied to get a restraining order. She claims there was threats of violence that never occurred.

I was scared as shit so I malingered so I could go the area with Psych people... the "safer" part of the jail. I said I was a skitzo.. which is as far from the truth as possible. I'm a super genius. 


I went to court for "Mental Health Court - Mental Evaluation" - this was one of the worst moments of my entire life.

Circa May 2019

I was locked into Solitary Confine in the Twin Towers of Los Angeles County Jail. I had knocked my celly out cold. He attacked me. He was a terrible man. Was in and out of prison for years. I spent 120 days in the County Jail's "high observation housing" it was traumatizing as fuck.

16 Oct 2020 - The day my Federal Bond was revoked for Marijuana Use.

13 July 2021 - My 28th Birthday....

I was in the county jail for seemingly no reason. I was released from the Federal Judicial System and there should never have been a warrant for appearance in the State Judicial System (because they should have known exactly where I was at when I was in the Feds) but when the Feds were releasing me they said "oh he has a warrant in the state so we'll call the state and have them come over and get Ian." So despite just serving all this heinus time in the Feds *FOR SOMETHING I DIDN'T DO*

I some how survived COVID19 in the jail

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