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What's the story? Who is Ian Bradley? I've had an arduous journey. A tough time.... I'll try to catalog all my events. It will take me more time than just Today. 2022 06 14

Ian Bradley's Biography

I was born 13 July 1993. I am single. I work diligently every single day. My direct family is dead to me (there's a story about that.) I've been to jail, I've been robbed at gun point, I've been in a street fight/robbery in which I smashed a dude with my guitar. I've been raped by 2 men with chloroform. I lived in the wilderness in Utah for 62 days in a leadership training at the age of 16. I graduated from Redondo Union High School. I joined the US Army in 2013. I was medically discharged in 2015 for combat related injuries. I taught myself carpentry after that, lived in a $875,000 house. I was married. I'm divorced. (she cheated on me with a guy that worked at her gym.) She's also the one who deliberately put me in jail by lying about threats so that she could justify putting a restraining order on me. I tried to convince her to drop it and be honest and faithful to the creator - the highest power of all. I dedicated my life to music. I was once addicted to marijuana (maybe not physically but mentally.) I was homeless for over 120 days (that's a long story.) I performed in Los Angeles so many times I can't keep track. I street performed for over 1,000,000 people in my life. Pretty phenomenal. I've hand written approximately 40 note books in the past few years. Typed an equivalent of and unknown (high) number of pages on the computer. Creative writing. Philosophy. Civil Rights. Moral writing. I'm absolutely amazing. A shocking talent. I (perhaps foolishly) decided to network with Halsey the singer in Hollywood and she called me a stalker. A very annoying thing that happened. I did a song with KROK from PM Dawn and the song was phenomenal but we argued over money (despite him being extremely wealthy) and we stopped working together - the song never made it to the release.  A real shame. I would have loved to hear that song on the radio. Charity is a Virtue and Greed is a Sin. Go figure. In 2020 I secured a deal with Nathan Walters, Platinum Producer and Singer of the Boy Band Plus One. I was falsely incarcerated again due to a security guard abusing his power and beating the shit out of me for no reason and then saying that I "x y z" and I was put in prison 16 October 2020. I wasn't able to continue my deal with Nathan Walters. Oh did I mention that I was falsely on house arrest for 8 months? One day the called me and told me that they're sorry and I was never suppose to be on house arrest, the paper work was misinterpreted - then intention was that I would have my location monitored, still being allowed to travel freely. I cried. It was very traumatizing. Also, when my ex-wife (demon) lied to get me in jail, my grand mother died from the stress of me being falsely incarcerated. Due to all the fist fights that I (won all of them) in jail, the LA Sherriff's Deputies put me in isolation. I wasn't allowed to come out of my cell for 4 months to use the phone. They weren't suppose to keep me in solitary confinement but they did. It was heinous and it tested my sanity. I was very upset and disgruntled. I had a hard time coping some days. (most days) it was a terrible trauma that has scared me forever. The entire 4 months I didn't get a tooth brush and now my teeth are jacked up. It's very sad. I'm going to get all new shiny teeth at the luxury dental clinic. I now work with super stars. Legends. Devine Evans. Kenny Aronoff. My first studio single isn't released yet.. but it will be soon. Oddly enough. My first professional commercial quality audio production is with 100+ Grammy award winning team. It's so amazing. I'm eternally grateful. Praise god. To be honest, I'm very traumatized trying to recall and regurgitate all these experiences. I must leave this biography here. 0550 hours 14 June 2022.......... I'll be back to put this piece together.

0608 hours 19  June 2022 - Yes I haven't slept

Hmm. What else do I tell you guys about me? Well, one time.... I was raped by 2 men. I thought that we had become good friends after staying at a hostel together in Las Vegas. It was my last nights staying there (I was on a little vacation writing and training my music skills) before coming back to Los Angeles, I inquired if they'd want to split a hotel room with 2 beds and if they'd be ok if I paid 50% and I get the bed to myself. WELL, during this phase of my life I was still overly-indulging in marijuana. After smoking the vape pen with concentrated THC and training music for hours and hours and hours..... I finally went to sleep at around 2am. They quietly snuck back into the room after their gambling session and they put  rag over my mouth and I was drugged. I was oddly paralyzed but I was conscious as they started to rape me. I couldn't move but eventually I was able to fight the strong chemicals and I screamed. They ran out of the room and I didn't see them again until 1 year later. I then still couldn't recall exactly if it was a bad dream or what. It was very strange. A mixture of the THC and the chloroform (or what ever it was) was very sedating. I woke up disoriented and when I sat across a Star bucks table in Las Vegas, with my Guitar, Note book, and a cup of coffee - I peered into the Man's eyes that Sexually assaulted me and violated me. The memories all poured in and I remembered vividly what happened and I beat the living shit out of the man in unarmed combat. He later went to prison on unrelated charges. I wasn't able to prove that he raped me, I never did a rape kit but I've figured out there was dozens more Men and Women the 2 of them raped. It's a sad story. 

I'll skip on to the next story here, as I don't want to talk much more about that incident in my life. 

0102 hours - 20 June 2022 - The tale of Lyme's Disease 

I was practicing Guitar just now on my Silver Gretsch Signed by the Late Banana Joe Radio Star - when I remembered that I was inflicted with Lyme's Disease back in 2008 / 2009 era. It had been affecting me for approximately 10 months until we were able to treat it and it went away. A scary time, a rare disease. They say that if you don't catch it early, it can cause permanent damage. I'm not sure if I incurred Lyme's Disease permanent side affects, and due to the nature of such a thing - I'll never know. 

0702 hours - 28 June 2022

So, somehow I forgot to mention that I went to the Musician's Institute in 2017, I disenrolled and took a few months off. I then re-enrolled in 2018 and disenrolled at the end of 2018. 

0405 hours - 1 July 2022

So I wanted to tell you guys about how: I had my Wisdom teeth pulled at the VA. My jaw had been getting really tight and I knew that it was affecting my singing. Or atleast I was 99.99% sure it was affecting my ability to make music. SO, the young dental surgeon Woman pulled out top and bottom of my right side and 2 weeks later we did the left side. When the left side was pulled out, I didn't know this was possible at the time, the nerves that sit right under your wisdom teeth on the bottom control the whole side of your face. So, if they push down too hard and it even gently touches that nerve, you'll feel paralysis in your face. NIGHTMARE for a singer. Justin Bieber is currently experiencing something like this, it's in the news. Well, she pushed down too hard. After the numbing medicine wore off, the whole left side of my face was numb. I was so upset. What a difficult time. It took many weeks and months for me to get back the feeling in my face. Not everyone can even recover from it, sometimes it's permanent. I guess I got lucky. I praise God for this recovery. The health that I have. I was laying there in my bed and I realized, there's still like a few % that is not right. But it's okay. It doesn't get in the way of my singing. Therefore it's alright. I'm still fully functional. The surgery was February of 2021 I think.

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